16×4 LCD Display

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A 16×4 JHD539M9 LCD Display is used in many application that needs a bigger display than a normal 16×2 Display. These displays are good in both during sunlight also. Hence it is used in many industrial applications as well as agricultural equipment for its better viewing angle.

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1. Viewing Direction 6:00
2. Viewing Angle Range No
3. Appearance White on Blue
4. Brightness(Typ) No
5. Backlight Color blue Color
6. Backlight Current (Typ) 45mA
7. Power Supply(Typ) 5.0V
8. Supply Current for LCM(Max) 1800uA
9. Operating Temp -20°~70°
10. Storage Temperature -30°~80°
Package Includes:-
1 x LCD Display 16×4


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