360 Degree Continuous Rotation Servo Motor

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This SG90 360 degree Continuous Rotation Servo Motor is special among all the available servo motors because its operation is very different from that of a standard servo. As instead of going to a specified angle, this servo will be static at a 1.5ms pulse, a longer pulse gives forward rotation and a shorter pulse give backward rotation.

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1. High resolution.
2. Accurate positioning.
3. Fast control response.
4. Constant torque throughout the servo travel range.
5. Excellent holding power.
6. Weight: 9gm.
7. Dimension 23*12.2*29mm.
8. Stall torque 1.8kg/cm (4.8V).
9. Operating speed: 0.1sec/60degree (4.8v).
10. Operating voltage: 4.8V.
Wire Description:-
1. RED – Vcc (Positive)
2. Brown – GND (Negative)
3. Orange – PWM (Signal)
Package Includes:-
1 x SG90 Mini Servo 360° Continuous rotation with accessories.


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