Arduino Uno SMD

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The Arduino Uno is microcontrollers development board based on the ATmega328 with SMD type. The board contains 14 digital input / output pins (of which can be 6 used as output PWM), 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz crystal, USB connections, power jack, ICSP interface and reset button. Includes everything needed to operate the microcontroller, simply connect it to your computer using a USB cable and you can start.
1 x Arduino Uno ATmega328 SMD.

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1. MCU: ATmega328
2. Converter USB: CH340
3. Working voltage: 5V
4. Input voltage: 7-12V
5. The input of the nap max.: 6-20V
6. I/O Pins: 14 (6 usable as PWM output)
7. Abnalog. inputs: 6
8. DC Current on pin: 40 mA
9. Flash: 32 KB (ATmega328) 0.5 KB used for the bootloader
10. SRAM 2 KB (ATmega328)
11. EEPROM 1 KB (ATmega328)
12. Crystal: 16 MHz


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