Automatic Sanitizer Machine – Assembled PCB

600.00 550.00

Touchless Operation

LED indication

Ultrasonic Sensor – For detecting Hand

Programmed to dispense sanitizer for 2 Sec

Solenoid Valve 

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After COVID 19, being officially announced as Pandemic by WHO. Our Indian Government has taken lots of measures to prevent the Corona Virus Spread.

The government always recommends avoiding touching the face and wash our hands regularly. Using hand washes for at least 20 seconds will be effective. Then the use of Alcohol-based Sanitizers will be more effective in killing the virus in the hand itself.

In places like Schools, Colleges, and Industries our The government recommended installing Automatic Sanitizer dispenser before entering the workplace. This will help to avoid the spread of the virus.

Use sanitizer of alcohol-based to kill the virus in the hand itself.

See Video:

Electronic Key On/Off Switch   Solenoid Valve


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