FlySky 6-Channel 2.4 Ghz Tx &Rx

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FlySky CT6B 2.4Ghz 6CH Transmitter with FS-R6B Receiver is the popular 6 Channel Radio CT6B manufactured by FlySky. CT6B FLYSKY 2.4GHZ 6CH TRANSMITTER is an entry-level 2.4 GHz radio system offering the reliability of 2.4 GHz signal technology and a receiver with 6 channels.

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Channels: 6-
1. Model Type: fixed-wing/glider
2. RF Range: 2.4055-2.475 GHz
3. Bandwidth: 500KHz
4. Band: 140
5. RF Power: less than 20 dBm
6. 2.4G System: AFHDS
7. Code Type: GFSK
8. Sensitivity: 1024
9. Low voltage warning: less than 9V
10. DSC Port: PS2; Output: PPM
11. Charger Port: Yes
12. ANT Length: 26mm
13. Weight: 511g
14. Power: 12V 1.5AA*8
15. Display Mode: LED Indicator
16. Size: 189*97*295mm
17. Color: Black’
18. Certificate: CE, FCC
Package Include:-
1 x Transmitter
1 x Receiver (FS-R6B)
1 x USB Cable
1 x Software CD
1 x Binding Cable
1 x User Manual


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