GSM Based Security Theft System

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Now a day’s everyone want the security for safety that’s why we designed the valuable product to keep you secure more. The main thing is that it is user friendly module or easily any one can handle. And the main thing is less expensive. Our target is to keep the Office or residency safe from the thief and to save the lives.

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Product Highlights:-
1. Intelligent protector against the thieves.
2. Storing master no through SMS.
3. Activation and deactivation through the SMS.
4. Alerting by ring and SMS to the stored phone number.
5. Reply SMS to get the status of device i.e. (Activated or Deactivated).
6. Good Battery backup and reply back status of it through SMS.
7. Stored phone numbers i.e. SMS to stored security system phone.
8. Indication of mains power either “ON” or “OFF”.
9. Relay on and Relay off for the interfacing device through SMS.
1. Operating voltage is 12V AC/DC, 1A.
2. External High Gain Antenna with Kit Included.
3. SIM card Slot Backside of PCB.
4. Battery standby time is up to 24hrs.
5. Inbuilt charging protection circuitry.
6. Maximum five phone numbers can store for alerting.
7. On board relay to connect the siren or any indicating device.
How to Install the GSM Security System:-
1. Insert SIM card at the Backside of GSM Security system.
2. Connect the jumper on j11 as shown in picture.
3. Connect the door sensor and Panic Switch as per picture below.
4. Connect the siren to the relay as per picture below if you want.
5. Connect power supply to the board.


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