IR Sensor SMD Module

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The IR module features a 3 wire interface with Vcc, GND and an OUTPUT pin on its tail. It works fine with 3v3 to 5V levels. Upon hindrance/reflectance, the output pin gives out a digital signal (a low level signal). The onboard preset helps to fine tune the range of operation, effective distance range is 2cm to 80cm.

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IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Features:-
1. Easy to assemble and use
2. Onboard detection indication
3. Effective distance range of 2cm to 80cm
4. Preset knob to fine tune distance range
IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Package:-
1x Obstacle avoidance sensor.
Obstacle Avoider or Obstacle Sensor:-
1. Range Between 3cms to 7cms.
2. 2.54 mm with Breadboard compatibility.
3. Indicator LED & Power LED.
4. 3 pin easy interface connectors.
5. Can differentiate between dark and light colours.
6. Arduino, AVR, PIC, and other microcontrollers Compatible.
7. Can Be Used For 3 – 5V DC Power Supply Modules.


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