Jumper wire

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Jumper wires:
The package includes 120 pieces of jumper wires, 40 pins male to male, 40 pins male to female, 40 pins female to female, good combination between the wire and solderless breadboard, which makes your experiment easier and convenient.
These PCB breadboards and jumper wires are suitable for arduino proto shield, arduino breadboard kit project, PCB project, pc motherboard, etc.

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Jumper wire size: about 21.4 cm/ 8.4 inch (M/ M); 20.7 cm/ 8.1 inch (M/ F); 20 cm/ 7.8 inch (F/ F)
Material: ABS plastic and tinned phosphor bronze
40 pins M/ M jumper wire, 40 pins M/ F jumper wire and 40 pins F/ F jumper wire
Package includes:
1 x 40 Pin Male to Male jumper wires
1 x 40 Pin Male to Female jumper wires
1 x 40 Pin Female to Female jumper wires


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