L293D Motor Driver

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A motor driver is an integrated circuit chip which is usually used to control motors in autonomous robots. Motor driver act as an interface between Arduino and the motors. The most commonly used motor driver IC’s are from the L293 series such as L293D, L293NE, etc. These ICs are designed to control 2 DC motors simultaneously. L293D consist of two H-bridge. H-bridge is the simplest circuit for controlling a low current rated motor. We will be referring the motor driver IC as L293D only. L293D has 16 pins.

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1. Can be used to run Two DC motors with the same IC.
2. Speed and Direction control is possible
3. Motor voltage Vcc2 (Vs): 4.5V to 36V
4. Maximum Peak motor current: 1.2A
5. Maximum Continuous Motor Current: 600mA
6. Supply Voltage to Vcc1(vss): 4.5V to 7V
7. Transition time: 300ns (at 5Vand 24V)
8. Automatic Thermal shutdown is available
9. Available in 16-pin DIP, TSSOP, SOIC packages


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