Load Cell-10Kg-Straight Bar

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This straight bar load cell (sometimes called a strain gauge) can translate up to 10kg of pressure (force) into an electrical signal. Each load cell is able to measure the electrical resistance that changes in response to, and proportional of, the strain (e.g. pressure or force) applied to the bar. With this gauge you will be able to tell just how heavy an object is, if an object’s weight changes over time, or if you simply need to sense the presence of an object by measuring strain or load applied to a surface.

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Load Cell – 10kg, Straight Bar (TAL220):-
Each straight bar load cell is made from an aluminum-alloy and is capable of reading a capacity of 10kg. These load cells have four strain gauges that are hooked up in a wheatstone bridge formation.
Connection Details:-
1. Red = E+,
2. Green = O+,
3. Black = E-,
4. White = O-.


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