MOC 3041 Opto-isolated Triac Driver

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The MOC3041, MOC3042 and MOC3043 is the Optoisolated Triac Driver that can be used to isolate AC portion of the circuit from DC operated circuit board. It helps to prevents the damage of DC circuit when there is an accidental leakage of AC in Triac controlled lamp driver circuits.

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1. Power Dissipation:0.33(W)
2. Pin Count:6
3. Rad Hardened:No
3. Isolation Voltage:5300(V)
4. Output Device:Triac
5. Zero Crossing Circuit:No
6. Trigger Current:15(mA)
7. Number of Elements:1
8. Forward Voltage:1.5(V)
9. Forward Current:50(mA)
10. Reverse Breakdown Voltage:6(V)
11. Repetitive Peak off-state volt:400(V)
12. Operating Temperature Classification:Industrial
13. Mounting:Through Hole
14. Operating Temp Range:-40C to 100C
15. Package Type:PDIP


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