Solderless Breadboard

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Solderless PCB breadboard:-
Solderless PCB breadboards, 400 tie points and 830 tie points, with self-adhesive tape on back, easy and convenient to stick them.
Type of BreadBorads:-
1 x 830 Tie points solderless breadboard
1 x 400 Tie points solderless breadboard

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Why Use Breadboards?
An electronics breadboard is actually referring to a solderless breadboard.
These are great units for making temporary circuits and prototyping, and they require absolutely no soldering.
Prototyping is the process of testing out an idea by creating a preliminary model from which other forms are developed or copied, and it is one of the most common uses for breadboards.
If you aren’t sure how a circuit will react under a given set of parameters, it’s best to build a prototype and test it out.


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