Spider Robot 3DOF with 4 Legs

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This spider robot is a basic representation of the Spider movements but it will not perform exactly the same body moves since we are using only four legs instead of 8 legs.

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Components Needed:-
1. 1x Arduino Nano
2. 1x DC-DC(12-5v/3A output)
3. 1x ESP-01 module(option)
4. 12x SG90 servo(3DOF for 4 legs)
5. 1x 3000mhA Li battery (DC12300, 90x43x17mm)
6. 1x 12V Jack
6. 1x 680 Ohm 1/4 watt 5% Resistor
8. 1x 3mm Blue LED
8. 1x Tactile Switch
9. 1x 5x7cm perfboard
10. Some male and female pin headers
11. Small guage wire(Solid or Stranded).
Packing includes:-
1. Completed and Tested kit = 1 No.


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