Voice Record-Playback Module With Speaker

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ISD1820 Voice Record-Playback Module With Speaker is Voice Record Module is base on ISD1820, which a multiple-message record/playback device. It can offers true single-chip voice recording, no-volatile storage, and playback capability for 8 to 20 seconds.

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1. 10 seconds recording,easy to use.
2. High-quality, natural voice to restore.
3. Can be used as a loudspeaker module.
4. With a loop playback, jog playback, single-pass playback.
5. Can be controlled with single-chip controller.
6. The module can directly drive the 8 ohm 0.5W small speakers.
7. Requires 3 ~ 5V DC
8. Loudspeaker: 8, 0.5W (included)
Package Includes:
1 x ISD1820 Voice Record-Playback Module With Speaker.


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