Voice Recording Playback Module

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The ISD1760 Voice Recording Playback module is a simple and practical circuit board designed to quickly familiarize with and master the ISD1700 series chips. It is suitable for the full range of ISD1700 chips, with simple operation and complete functions. The ISD1700 series of recording and playback chips is a highly integrated, high performance chip.

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It can record in multiple stages, the sampling rate can be adjusted from 4K to 12K, and the power supply range can be between 2.4V and 5.5V. It has two independent voice signal input channels, microphone input and analog signal input.
1. Power: 5V
2. Recording time: 75 seconds
3. Interface:SPI
4. Working Frequency:6KHZ working frequency and chip select 8KHZ
5. Powered Indicator light, chip indicator light
6. Simple operation, no need for single-chip or other modules can work directly
7. Chip control pin has been led out, convenient control connection
7. Size: 5.2cmx5.5cm
1. Voice recording and Playback
Package Includes:-
1 x ISD1760 Voice Recording Playback Module


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